Pete Johnston, Film Production Specialist

Office: C637 Wells Hall


Peter Johnston specializes in teaching digital media and film production methods and manages the Film Studies program’s lab space and equipment. Since graduating with a BFA in Photography, Peter worked in the photography industry in Chicago before returning to Michigan to pursue his graduate degree. As a filmmaker he has created dozens of short fiction, documentary and experimental pieces. As an educator, he teaches both the introductory production course as well as the capstone fiction filmmaking course.


What Happens To A Dream Deferred
Co-Producer, Editor

Ka-Dy Comes Home
Director, Producer

On The Open Road
Director, Producer

Grants and Awards

Advocacy in Latino Film Award – 2018 Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival 

Best Michigan Frontrunner Award – 2018 Capital City Film Festival


M.A in Digital Media Arts
Michigan State University, 2010

B.F.A in Photography
Alma College, 2007