The Doc Lab is the ideal program for students who are interested in making the world a more just and egalitarian place and who want to learn how to tell powerful non-fiction stories through images and sound. Studying with award-winning filmmakers in small courses that focus on the craft and ethics of storytelling and on sharpening technical skills, students of the Doc Lab learn to make strong documentaries that matter in creative and innovative ways.

We invite students to apply to the Doc Lab in their freshman and sophomore years. Although, it is possible to make it through the program when applying during your junior year, it is best to apply earlier. Click here to complete the application. You will be asked to tell us which areas of filmmaking you’re interested in, to discuss any experience you have with film production and/or the study of film theory and history, and to tell us what you hope to gain from your experiences in the minor.

If you have any questions about the application process or whether this is the right academic path for you, contact us.